• Mr Mngadi relied on his memory to remember all his clients that have not paid or clients who have not paid outstanding balances. He would find himself working at a loss in most of his jobs.
  • Mr Mngadi had no administrative skills when it came to keeping records of his employees, sales, stock, profits and losses, list of suppliers and clients.
  • He had no marketing material.
  • His premises were not safe and had a roof leakage which used to then ruin his material as he also uses wood for making desks.
  • His target market was limited to the local households, who would sometimes not pay in time or not pay at all.

Intervention / Solution

  • Mr. Mngadi was taught the principles of pricing his products and was given a financial pack to get him started. He was also encouraged to continually use these simple tools that made a huge impact and difference on his sales figures.
  • He was booked for pricing and costing workshops where he learnt a great deal about keeping his financial books in order, the importance of keeping sales records, how much this system can save him money and why it is important.
  • The entrepreneur’s business was registered.
  • He has now received his marketing material which comprises of a business logo, business cards and business profile, professional templates for giving out quotations and invoicing clients, a set of professional quoting and invoicing material

Outcome/ Results

  • In this quarter Mr Mngadi of Dloks Trading (Pty) Ltd has made R 50,000.00
  • Mr Mngadi has been given an invoice book, a receipt book and a quotation book, using this system helps him keep track of his profits and for references. The quotation book has helped a great deal in the pricing and has solved a lot of issues he had with his clients, who are now confident in purchasing his products as they get to see how he does his calculations.
  • Mr Mngadi was assigned to manufacture and fit in a gate at Msinga High school.

He then designed and manufactured a steel building structure sized: 15x30 width and 3.2 m height at Eshowe High School.

The department of education has also given him an indefinite contract, to manufacture desks for 4 x schools situated in different areas around KwaZulu Natal.

  • The marketing material for his business has really helped the growth of his business; his business is now more professional, he is now able to approach big companies, different governmental departments and leave his business cards and profiles where he sees potential business.                                                                                                                         

 QUOTE/ SMME’s comment

Quote from the client on their satisfaction level with the services provided by DACT

"I am grateful for DACT’s assistance in expanding my business. I had a lot of ideas but implementing them and making them a reality was a challenge. I have been supplied with accommodation to work from, equipment as well as security, for my material. My staff and I have been trained to follow all safety precautions at all times when working. We have been also provided with transport which assists us a great deal with making our deliveries. Marketing material as well has helped me be able to portray myself as a professional business man, making my clients trust in my work. I thank DACT and Seda for all that my business has and is still to have, because this is all possible through them." - Dumisani H Mngadi of Dloks Trading (Pty) Ltd


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