Day and Night Aluminium

Province: KwaZulu-Natal
District/Branch name: Downstream Aluminium Centre for Technology
Business Name: Day and Night Aluminium
Business type: Casting




Susan Swart and Desiree Swart of Day and Night Aluminium are incubated at Downstream Aluminium Centre for Technology, ZCBF Community Park, South Central Arterial, Alton, Richards Bay. Day and Night Aluminium was established in May 2007 and the partnership was formed in May 2008. Day and Night Aluminium is a casting business that manufactures a range of decorative products; aluminium garden furniture, artefacts such as the FIBA range and braai stands.


When Susan Swart joined the DACT Programme, she lacked casting skills, marketing skills, administration skills and business management skills. She had no business plan when she started but the Centre has assisted her with a comprehensive business plan. Because manufacturing casting products means that she has to sell to specific clients who appreciate decorative products; she had to look at developing her product line in order to appeal to a broader clientele. She needed the right equipment to manufacture her products and to get training further on the casting business. She needed mentorship to steer her into the right direction (in managing her casting business)


Intervention / Solution


Susan Swart went through the selection process which included interviews and psychometric assessments. Susan Swart was taken to Raizcorp which guided and mentored her with managing his business. Susan has been actively involved in exhibitions and networking events that have put her on the map.


Susan decided to partner up with her daughter Desiree Swart who contributed a lot in the business with her casting skills, welding background and admin experience. They have both been attending workshops and trainings that will better their business management skills. They have been introduced to stakeholders and have formed links with organizations that will steer their business to new heights. They were linked up with SEDA who has assisted in developing a business plan for them.


Day and Night Aluminium has been consistent with their product development and they have been given marketing material to market their products and business. Day and night aluminium applied for TTF and was successful in getting the equipment that the business needed to perform at its optimum. 

Outcome/ Results


Day and Night Aluminium has grown over the years; they have picked up a lot of skills and the quality of their work has improved. Day and Night Aluminium have grown their market through the expo’s he has taken part in, word of mouth has also worked in their favor because of the quality of their work, exhibitions that they have been participating in have proven favorable result.


Production is at its optimum as they have access to secure premises to work in and equipment that increases production. They now have their company financial records filed electronically and manually filed and documented.


The quality of their products has been refined along with their professionalism of their service has improved; their mannerism, punctuality for appointments, they use the Centre’s boardroom for meetings that they set up.


They got an order to design and manufacture an Aluminium logo for the ZCBF park, the order was requested by Duncan the Manager of the park


Day and Night Aluminium was one of the businesses that exhibited at the SMME Fair organised and hosted by the UThungulu District Municipality. The highlight of the day was when Mr Nkosinathi Mbedu from the KZN premier’s office placed an order for the African inspired chess set which is designed and casted by Susan Swart of Day and Night Aluminum. He was highly impressed by its uniqueness and the fact that each chess piece is aluminium and hand casted.


The centre has provided training for the business owner and his staff members that had contracts of more than 6 months; they did the firefighting and first aid training. The Centre encourages the entrepreneurs to be initiative and take ownership on the development of their businesses. In turn Sifiso has decided to enroll himself at the Centurion Academy for a diploma in Marketing Management where he is learning a great deal on marketing his business and how to maintain a market for his business. He started on the 1st of July 2012.


On the 23rd of September Susan Swart of Day and Night had visitors from the overseas who come from the Hospice organisation, they came for a demonstration of the casting process and to purchase the Fiba range so that they can go back to Washington to sell it and the money they make will be given to the Richards Bay Hospice organisation.