operations & systems procedures

DACT has the following systems in place to manage risk and to ensure that the centre is managed in a professional manner:


  • Management policies and procedures

  • Computerised financial package

  • Financial policies and procedures

  • Human resource policies and procedures

  • Occupational Health and Safety policies and procedures

  • Quality management system

  • Knowledge management system

  • Risk management system

  • Environmental system


Incubation Model

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The current operational system and procedures are performed as follows:



All the finances are managed from a central point. This eliminates duplication, inefficiencies and facilitates strict control as per the requirements of the board, PFMA and GAAP.



Incubation support is in the form of policy formulation, guidelines in the application of the policies marketing and recruitment, quality assurance and general management. This also includes liaison on a national level to address common concerns and specific staff development issues.



Technical support is aimed at providing a one stop service to ensure that the workshop facilities and equipment are maintained as per the manufacturer’s specifications. This includes management of the utilisation of the facilities and assets audit.



Marketing support is aimed at assisting incubatees with gaining market access in the industry and this is done through strategic relationships with relevant stakeholders around Richards Bay and surrounding areas. This includes marketing material, compliance of incubatees and marketing strategies amongst others.

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