Dloks Trading (Pty) Ltd

Province: KwaZulu-Natal
District/Branch name: Downstream Aluminium Centre for Technology
Business Name: Dloks Trading (Pty) Ltd
Business type: Welding and Fabrication




Dumisani H Mngadi of Dloks Trading (Pty) Ltd was a virtual client who ran his business from his workshop in an area called Empembeni in Esikhawini. He has recently started using our foundry facilities, due to security reasons as well as space restrictions in the workshop he was renting. Dloks Trading (Pty) Ltd was formally established in 2011.

Mr Mngadi manufactures welded gates and burglar guards, aluminium windows, aluminium doors, school desks as well as shelters manufactured out of steel.


Mr Mngadi was previously employed at Shooter and Shooter and at Oxford as a REP publisher. He then resigned and decided to start his own business as he already had a talent and a skill in manufacturing steel products. He then attended an open day that was held at DACT. He had already started trading informally at the time, and had 2 part time employees. He is a self-motivated, matured and self-driven entrepreneur who has always strived for excellence in his business. He had great ideas and marketed himself mainly using his networking skills. He had no professional marketing material, and no material to use for his financing and bookkeeping. 


Mr Mngadi relied on his memory to remember all his clients that have not paid or clients who have not paid outstanding balances. He would find himself working at a loss in most of his jobs.

Mr Mngadi had no administrative skills when it came to keeping records of his employees, sales, stock, profits and losses, list of suppliers and clients. He had no marketing material.


His premises were not safe and had a roof leakage which used to then ruin his material as he also uses wood for making desks. His target market was limited to the local households, who would sometimes not pay in time or not pay at all.

Intervention / Solution


Mr. Mngadi was taught the principles of pricing his products and was given a financial pack to get him started. He was also encouraged to continually use these simple tools that made a huge impact and difference on his sales figures.

He was booked for pricing and costing workshops where he learnt a great deal about keeping his financial books in order, the importance of keeping sales records, how much this system can save him money and why it is important.

The entrepreneur’s business was registered.

He has now received his marketing material which comprises of a business logo, business cards and business profile, professional templates for giving out quotations and invoicing clients, a set of professional quoting and invoicing material

Outcome/ Results

In this quarter Mr Mngadi of Dloks Trading (Pty) Ltd has made R 50,000.00

Mr Mngadi has been given an invoice book, a receipt book and a quotation book, using this system helps him keep track of his profits and for references. The quotation book has helped a great deal in the pricing and has solved a lot of issues he had with his clients, who are now confident in purchasing his products as they get to see how he does his calculations.

Mr Mngadi was assigned to manufacture and fit in a gate at Msinga High school.

He then designed and manufactured a steel building structure sized: 15x30 width and 3.2 m height at Eshowe High School.

The department of education has also given him an indefinite contract, to manufacture desks for 4 x schools situated in different areas around KwaZulu Natal.

The marketing material for his business has really helped the growth of his business; his business is now more professional, he is now able to approach big companies, different governmental departments and leave his business cards and profiles where he sees potential business.                                                                                                                         
 QUOTE/ SMME’s comment

Quote from the client on their satisfaction level with the services provided by DACT

"I am grateful for DACT’s assistance in expanding my business. I had a lot of ideas but implementing them and making them a reality was a challenge. I have been supplied with accommodation to work from, equipment as well as security, for my material. My staff and I have been trained to follow all safety precautions at all times when working. We have been also provided with transport which assists us a great deal with making our deliveries. Marketing material as well has helped me be able to portray myself as a professional business man, making my clients trust in my work. I thank DACT and Seda for all that my business has and is still to have, because this is all possible through them." - Dumisani H Mngadi of Dloks Trading (Pty) Ltd