ELCO Aluminium

Province: KwaZulu Natal

District/Branch name: Downstream Aluminium Centre for Technology

Business Name: ELCO Aluminium

Business type:  Fabrication




Darrel Mudaly of ELCO Aluminium was incubated at Downstream Aluminium Centre for Technology, ZCBF Community Park, South Central Arterial, Alton, Richards Bay. He has now secured premises in a workshop where he rents. ELCO Aluminium was established on the 1st of July 2012

Darrel of ELCO Aluminium manufactures aluminium windows, aluminium doors aluminium garage doors
What were the challenges/needs that the business experienced (see following guidelines)


When Darrel Mudaly joined DACT, he was already trading informally at his home; he just needed to develop his managerial skills and to develop his company into a successful business. He did not have a lot of clients leading to his sales level dropping. He did not have any marketing material and his business was not registered. His equipment and space was not enough to complete jobs that he would get from clients. He didn’t keep records of his day to day activities, financial records and his admin doccuments


Intervention / Solution


The cetre arranged workshops for him to help him and his business grow. He attended the costing and pricing workshop, the finance and admin workshop. He was given a cubicle where he was renting to complete all his orders. The equipment and admin support was available for him to get assistance from.

Outcome/ Results


ELCO Aluminium now has a business logo, business cards and a signage for his premises. It has become easier for him to market his business and be more professional when he is bidding for jobs.


He has grown to be a very confident businessman and is now able to apply for tenders.


He has 2 permanent staff member and 2 temporal staff in his employ


He received a big job from the local mall where he did forhe was chosen by the local shopping centre to do aluminium windows and aluminium sliding doors for them. He was given orders by Biltong, Boardman, Kurt Geiger and milky lane.

He recently paid for his staff to receive training on the new fabrication products and technology where they enhanced their skills and knowledge about the fabrication business.

He now keeps records of his finances electronically and filed documentation