MG Glass and Aluminium

Province: KwaZulu Natal 
District/Branch name: Downstream Aluminium Centre for Technology 
Business Name: MG Glass and Aluminium 
Business type: Fabrication 




Gina Mndeni of MG Glass Aluminium is a virtual client who runs his business at his home in Mzingazi, he is renting a small room that serves as a workshop, it is the size of a single garage.  MG Glass Aluminium was established in 11 April 2013 . Mr Gina manufactures aluminium windows, aluminium doors and garage doors, aluminium shower doors and also does maintenance.


Mr Gina was recruiting while canvasing in Mzingazi, he was already trading informaly at the time and had 2 permanent employees. He was a self-motivated and self-driven entrepreneur who has always strived for excellence in his business. He wanted to broaden his clientele to not only the local household. He wanted to start apllying for bigger jobs in the construction sector, lodges and industries. His business was not registered, he had no marketing material and he only had the basic skills of costing and pricing.


Mr Gina relied on his memory to remember all his clients that have not paid or clients who have not paid outstanding balances. He would find himself working on losses in most of his jobs.

Mr Gina had no administrative skills when it came to keeping records of his employees, sails, stock, profits and losses, list of suppliers and clients. He had no marketing material.

His premises were too small for some of the jobs he got 
his target market was limited to the local households only who would sometimes not pay in time or not pay at all because.

Intervention / Solution 


Mr. Gina was taught the principles of pricing his products and was given a financial pack to get him started and to also encourage him to continually use these simple tools that made a huge impact and difference on his sales figures. 

He was booked for pricing and costing workshop where he learnt a great deal about keeping his financial books in order, the importance of keeping sales records, how much this system can save him money and why it is important. 

The entrepreneurs business was registered and the business name chosen was in line with the principal of his business 

He is now in the process of getting his marketing material which comprises of a business logo, business cards and business profile, professional templates for giving out quotations and invoicing clients, a set of professional quoting and invoicing material 

Outcome/ Results 

In this quarter Mr Gina of MG Glass and Aluminium has made R85,000.00 

Mr GINA has been given an invoice book, a receipt book and a quotation book, using this system helps him keep track of his profits and for references, the quotation has help a great deal in the pricing and has solved a lot of issues he had with his clients, they are now confident in purchasing his product, because he shows then through the quotes that he does as to how he got to the total cost. 

One of Mr Gina’s material suppliers; Cash build has subcontracted a big Transnet job to him where he worked for period of a week on the manufacturing and installing of aluminium doors and windows for a workshop building 

He then had to do glazing on the aluminium windows and doors of the children’s home in Breckenham 


Shengeza Lodge in Manguzi is a tourist attraction resort that has given Mndeni a big job to make aluminium sliding doors, shower doors and aluminium windows. The marketing material for his business has really helped the growth of his business; his business is now more professional, he is now able to approach big companies and leave his business cards where he sees potential business.

QUOTE/ SMME’s comment 

Quote from the client on their satisfaction level with the services provided by Seda 

"I am in awe of the difference DACT has made in my small company, I had a vision but didn’t know how to put it into action, I greatly appreciate DACT’s assistance, my company growth is evident in my sales figures since I’ve entered the DACT program."