Somopho Fabrication

Province: KwaZulu-Natal

District/Branch name: Downstream Aluminium Centre for Technology

Business Name: Somopho Fabrication

Business type: Fabrication




Sifiso Sihlongonyane, a young upcoming entrepreneur, runs his business from the DACT facilities, as an incubated entrepreneur. Sifiso Sihlongonyane’s business was established in 7 January 2011.


He manufactures aluminium windows, aluminium doors and garage doors, aluminium shower doors and also does fitting and maintenance. Mr Sihlongonyane was previously employed by Glass n’ glass, as a fitter, then by PG glass. He moved from one Glass Company to the next, which is when he attained his skills.


He started of being informally self-employed. He struggled to get clients because of not having any workshop to work from, and because of having no equipment. A friend told him about DACT. Mr Sihlongonyane was a walk in, and got told about the next open day in which he attended. He then joined the programme. He has proved himself to being a motivated and hard working person. He has built a name for himself.


Mr Sihlongonyane relied on his memory to remember all his clients that have not paid or clients who have not paid outstanding balances. He would find himself working on losses in most of his jobs. Mr Sihlongonyane had no administrative skills when it came to keeping records of his employees, sales, stock, profits and losses, list of suppliers and clients

He had no premises to work from. He had no marketing material. His target market was limited to the local households which would sometimes not pay in time or not pay at all because he never had a professional approach, and didn’t have any records

Intervention / Solution


He was booked for  pricing and costing workshop where he learnt a great deal about keeping his financial books in order, the importance of keeping sales records, how much this system can save him money and why it is important.

The entrepreneurs business was registered and the business name chosen was in line with the principal of his business

He has received his marketing material which comprises of a business logo, business cards and business profile, professional templates for giving out quotations and invoicing clients, a set of professional quoting and invoicing material

Outcome/ Results


In this quarter Mr Sihlongonyane of Somopho Fabrication has made R32,250


Mr Sihlongonyane has been given an invoice book, a receipt book and a quotation book, using this system helps him keep track of his profits and for references, the quotations have helped a great deal in the pricing and have solved a lot of issues he had with his clients, they are now confident in purchasing his product, because he shows them the quotes that he does and how he got to the total cost.


One of Mr Sihlongonyane’s major contracts, is one with RH Construstions owned by Johan Danhauser. RH Construction manufactures emergency folding houses, and Mr Sihlongonyane of Somopho Fabrication manufactures aluminum windows for them.

He also manufactured aluminium windows for CTC Glass, and fitted the windows for them.


He has also manufactured doors for Roy of D&S Sales


He also had the privilege of receiving the TT Fund. He was funded with machinery at the value of R465 245.93. This will help tremendously on the businesses growth and success.

The marketing material for his business has really helped the growth of his business; his business is now more professional, he is now able to approach bigger companies and leave his business cards where he sees potential business.                                                                                                                          

QUOTE/ SMME’s comment


Quote  from the client on their satisfaction level with the services provided by Seda


Being someone who grew up in a small village, I never imagined myself to ever have a business this successful. The infrastructure that is provided for myself and my staff to work from is relevant, it is situated in an industrial area making it easier for us to Market ourselves to neighbouring companies. The machinery provided makes it possible to manufacture excellent quality, and the Clients are impressed with the boardroom where we hold our meeting with them. Indeed this has increased our confidence as a business.